Summer Memories Plushies Available for a Limited Time!

To celebrate the 2nd anniversary of the English release of Summer Memories we’ve teamed up with Makeship to produce these adorable plushies of Miyuki, Rio, and Yui!

The girls are available for a limited time and if you buy two you will get 10% off and if you buy all three you will receive 15% off at checkout. Don’t miss out and pick your favorite girl to bring home today!

We’re also giving our fans the chance to win one of the girls in a giveaway! All you have to do to enter is to complete simple tasks like following us on social media, etc. Good luck and thank you for the support!

Summer Memories Plushies Launch Giveaway!

The Summer Memories plushies are available for a limited time on Makeship so don’t miss out!

To celebrate this event, Dojin Otome the creator of the game has drawn a wonderful illustration of the girls which is available for free on our store!

Summer Memories Plushie Wallpaper Pack

In addition, Summer Memories and Summer Memories+ will be 30% off on our store until June 20!

Summer Memories

Summer Memories+ – Expansion DLC

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