Common Questions

Our download servers are hosted across the world and are on dedicated servers. Please confirm that your ISP / Internet connection is stable before downloading again.

Please double-check to ensure you aren’t connected to a VPN, as this may result in a slower download depending on the connection quality.

If you are still having issues, please get in touch with us and we’ll do our best to solve the situation.

No. The patches are only required for the Steam and GOG version. Other retailers, including our store, have the full content pre-applied.

You can find all patches within the patch section of our store. Please note that these patches are and always will be free.

If you do not have an account on our site, you will need to download the patch from the Patch tab on a game’s page.

After downloading the patch, run the installer and follow the instructions, pointing to the game’s install directory if needed.

In the event of an error, please ensure you are using the correct version of the patch for your game. An English version of the game requires an English patch, and so on.

It is possible that your internet connection wasn’t stable during the download, which resulted in a corrupted download. Please delete the downloaded file and try again.

Furthermore, if the game has multiple versions or additional downloadable content, make sure to match this version with the patch.

For example, Summer Memories and Summer Memories+ (Expansion DLC) require different patches according to the installed version.

If any are available, job openings are posted on our Jobs page Jobs page. Please submit your application thereby following the instructions.

Any reports can be sent through our contact form or our Discord server’s Bug Reports channel.

We will endeavor to respond as swiftly as possible.

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