Dev: Kagura Survivors Beta Branch Incoming!

Hey, everyone! 🌠 🌌 Time has flown while we’ve been heads down, leveling up Kagura Survivors: Endless Night with some game-changing updates. We’re almost ready to serve up the first slice of the action with our upcoming OPT-IN BETA BRANCH for Stage 1. Let’s look at what’s been in the works and what you can look forward to in the near future.

Beta Branches Explained

For the uninitiated: Beta branches are like getting a backstage pass to the game’s next big hits. These unique versions let us share new goodies, tweaks, or whole new levels with our incredible community (yep, that’s you!) before they go mainstream. Eager to get on board? Keep an eye on your Steam library and our upcoming instructions on how to opt into the Kagura Survivors beta madness.

The Lowdown on Stage 1

We’ve given Stage 1 a total makeover, including new landmarks and secrets to discover. But hold your horses; we’re just warming up! Stages 2 and 3 will follow as juicy updates, each upping the ante and adding to the Kagura saga.

Calling All Kagura Champions!

Even though the beta isn’t live yet, we’re already scouting for heroes to help us fine-tune the experience. Once Stage 1 beta drops, your mission will be to test your might against new challenges and share feedback on what feels right and needs more polish.

The best way to share your feedback is on the official Kagura Games Discord.

Abilities Await

Out of the gate, you’ll have 5 out of 16 killer abilities to play with, each one brimming with potential. As the story unfolds, you’ll unlock even more power, especially after showing those boss enemies who the real boss is around here.

Your Future Foes

Stage 1 will introduce you to 6 foes; they and the rest of the enemies have gotten a visual upgrade. There are also 3 additional bosses that are sure to keep you on your toes. Get ready for unforgettable battles that’ll make those victory moments all the sweeter.

Sounds of the Showdown

We’re in the “blockout” phase for our sound effects, giving you a sample of the sonic boom that’s to come. Based on your feedback, we’ll be dialing up the audio experience to make every spell cast and enemy takedown an auditory delight.
What’s on the Horizon?

Your adventure with Kagura is about to get much more epic, and your input is the secret sauce that’ll make it all come together. As we gear up to launch Stages 2 and 3, your insights will light the way to making Kagura Survivors a legend in its own right.

So, hang tight a bit longer—the Stage 1 beta is coming mid to late April. We’re counting down the days until we can dive into this journey together and transform Kagura Survivors into the adventure of a lifetime, with you leading the charge.

Strap in, get excited and stay tuned for more updates. The beta is just around the corner, and we can’t wait to embark on this next chapter with you. Let the countdown begin!

Let’s continue to evolve Kagura Survivors: Endless Night together! Keep exploring, and stay tuned for more updates.

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